T is for Talus, Part II

Anatomy A quick google search and I learned this was not a typical stress fracture. The talus highly specialized under-appreciated part of our anatomy. It’s like one of those things we don’t know about until something happens to it and then we can’t imagine ourselves without it. Deeply embedded in the structure of the ankle […]

T is for Talus, Part I

Denial It was a crisp, chilly, and crystal clear morning in Mill Valley. The sound of the creek and the aroma of the damp redwood forest floor across the street greeted me as I laced up my shoes and skipped down the steps to Miller Avenue. It was high October. I was meeting some friends […]

As with the Marathon

A retrospective In life, dark times are a given. The marathon is no different. We plan, we prepare, we pray, however, it’s not so much a question of if but when the hard times hit and for how long they last. Part of the training is learning how to accept this in advance, so when […]